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Bead knitted violet purse

This beautiful purse is done in beautifully intricate bead knitting.
Hand knitted with glass seed beads and cotton crochet thread. The cotton thread makes it flexible and comfortable. Purse strap is hand made with the technique called beaded crochet. Every single bead is individually strung on the yarn and crochet in. Due to that, you may be sure they won't fall apart even when washing. Inside the purse is blush cotton velvet lining.
Handle is removable

• Technique: Bead knitting, strap beaded crochet rope
• Materials: Sparkling mixed color seed beads, cotton thread, blush velvet lining, high quality brass purse frame, nylon thread for the strap, brass findings

• Clasp - 18cm x 6.3cm (7,0*2,48 inches)
• Body - Height 18,5cm (7,3 inches), width at the bottom 22cm (8,6 inches)
• Strap - beaded crochet rope 31cm (12,2 inches)

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