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Out of love for this style of clothing and specific accessories, and due to the lack of high-quality, stylish and natural footwear on the Estonian market, the Boogie Company footwear series was created in 2020. The series features stylish, authentic and classic shoes and boots with natural leather uppers and high-quality and durable soles. And most importantly - Boogie Company shoes are manufactured in Estonia, EU. As it is not a mass work, these shoes can be classified in the category of exclusive handicrafts.

Boogie Company shoes are not only designed for parties, but are also suitable for everyday wear. The crawler soles of the boots are non-slip and extremely durable. The slats are designed for a wider leg, and size numbers can also be found for the man with the largest feet number (available up to size U50/UK15,5/US16). All shoes are also available for women, from size U34/UK3/US5 (made to order).We use only natural materials for the upper materials and lining: leather, patent leather and suede. You can buy products that are already in stock in the e-shop promptly, but the delivery time for missing sizes is about 3-6 weeks. At Boogie Company's public concerts, you can try on your shoes and buy them yourself. We provide ongoing information on participation in design markets.

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